The importance of our quest


  1. We feel it is important to validate from which century the 200 or so skeletons came from when found in a mass grave beneath St Mary’s Church in Cuckney in 1951. For this reason we are hoping they come from the 7th Century, hence, Anglo-Saxon.


  1. It is important that our History books are as near accurate as possible and we belief there is a major error within the written text of our history books regarding the input of King Edwin of Northumbria and the Battle of Hatfield which was fought in 632AD.


  1. We believe King Edwin was slain on the fields near Cuckney, hence, the reason for the 200 or so skeletons yet the history books state he was slain north east of Doncaster and no evidence was ever produced to support this claim. William Camden (1551-1623) who was an Antiquarian and Historian was the first person to pinpoint the battle area. Since then all have followed his words without question.

We believe Camden got the correct area but the wrong battle. Two battles - 616AD=Battle of the River Idle and 632AD=Battle of Hatfield, both Northumbrian battles led by King Edwin.


  1. King Edwin was the first Christian King of Northumbria and we need to know where he fell. This is a very important project and if you ask any serious historian, they would agree.


  1. The areas where we think the link to Edwin and the Battle are:

                        Edwinstowe – the name

                        Cuckney – the skeletons

                        Birklands Forest – east of Warsop (St Edwin’s Chapel).

                        Hatfield – place names within the Cuckney area.

                        Between Cuckney and Warsop – is where we believe the Battle took place.


  1. The link to the Doncaster claim are; None other than word of mouth only


Perhaps the most important one line sentence is. There is no evidence to support the Doncaster claim yet the Cuckney claim indicates many possibilities.




We also need funding to promote this project and without funding we cannot reach our goal.



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