Transferring Operations to Our New Web site

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Dear All,

We recently commissioned a new (replacement) website.

Our new site is :

This was because our current (free) website does not enjoy the same flexibilities as a (modestly) paid for one.

For example, we couldn’t add any new tabs and we were experiencing caching issues …..

I’m delighted to announce that our new web site is now fully functional and will be utilised from today.

Hence we will no longer be posting to our old web site ( and are looking to de-commission this shortly.

We have also taken the opportunity to re-think the, “look and feel” of our new site.

We welcome your comments !

We have also transferred those still relevant data elements (blog posts, articles etc..) from the old site to the new one.

At the top of the screen you will see that we have a tab called “Projects” and under that are 2 HLF (Heritage Lottery) sub tabs :

1/ “HLF Project 2018” … where you will soon see the LATEST timetable of events, it wil be posted by Friday 27th April.

The events are due to take place very shortly … we expect our “Kick Off - Setting The Scene” to take place on Saturday 12th May at Cuckney Village Hall.


2/ “HLF Project 2015” … where you can still enjoy Bob Needham’s photo collection of Welbeck and Cuckney and our book from 2016, “Does the Heritage of the Welbeck Estates include a king killed at Cuckney ?”

Please remember - our new site is :

Please try it now !



From All The Team


Phase 2 Invasive - Meeting with Diocesan Advisors and Notts. County Council Archaeologist at St. Mary's on Monday 25th July @ 11:30am

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Dear All,

We are now beginning the "ground work" in preparation for another HLF bid re. an exciting Phase 2.

As part of this, BOHIS have secured a meeting at St. Mary's Cuckney with both of the Diocese of Southwell archaeological advisors – on Monday 25th July @ 11:30am.

This is with a view to the potential granting of permissions (via another Faculty).

 Archaeology Leader at Nottinghamshire County Council, Ursilla Spence, will also be present.

The first part of the meeting will be a tour of the potential invasive sites re. the (possible) Battle of Hatfield skeletons. This will be more of a "listening brief" for those in attendance.

In my opinion, there are 4 main reinterment areas and an area along the nave area up to 10 feet outside the church that represents bodies not displaced during the subsidence operations of 1950/51.


For the 2nd part of the meeting, Ursilla expressed a wish for as many members of BOHIS / Community to be involved as possible, and I am sure she would love to hear your opinions about any future project.

Your attendance and enthusiasm will reflect well on the project so I urge you to attend if you are available.


You should note that Ursilla will want to hear your opinions about what the whole project should represent (not just the Battle of Hatfield component).

For example, BOHIS / MERCIAN would suggest that our Phase 2 should include an invasive (ie. digging) search for the Castle.

Another possible component could be to include an invasive search for St. Edwin's Chapel near Edwinstowe.

Our archaeological partners, MERCIAN, completed some work there in 2014 and discovered many interesting things, including what may be the footings of the Chapel.

MERCIAN also noted some faded wall paintings inside St. Mary's which may be uncovered and brought back to life. Could this be the start of a children's painting competition ?


As per Phase 1 (non invasive), BOHIS intend to be fully Community participatory in Phase 2 (for example another online Survey via SurveyMonkey etc..) & this has been informally endorsed as an approach by the HLF.


We really hope to see you there next Monday.


Paul Jameson


Talk on the Battle of Hatfield and the Way Forward for the Project ... at the Old Court House Burgage NG25 0EP ... Thursday 14th April @ 7:30pm

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Dear All,

Apologies for the severe lack of notice but way back in June 2015 I gladly accepted the opportunity from the Southwell Community Archaeology Group to talk about the Battle of Hatfield and our project on April 14th 2016.

I  had half forgotten this but did realise on Monday (thanks to having put a reminder in Outlook way back then) and quickly communicated with the group. They confirmed that it was still on and they were also in the process of getting in touch.

Whilst the talk will be about the Battle of Hatfield, as some will be aware, we did receive HLF funding last July and have now formally completed that non invasive project (on 31st March) (subject to HLF sign off), so I will also talk about the results and a possible way forward to an Invasive stage.

We would like this to take place this year and therefore need to start the ground work work very soon to have any chance of making this happen.

We distributed an HLF funded Community book as part of our non invasive project (but also had some extra copies produced at our cost).

I will bring the last few along. They will be £7 as they cost  virtually that to produce.


Paul Jameson (07894 297206)

Venue : The Old Court House, Burgage (Southwell) NG25 0EP

Talk date : Thursday 14th April

Talk starts @ 7:30pm

I believe the admission fee for non members is £3

BOHIS Final Community Workshops - Cuckney Castle - PLUS - Your Chance to Review A Selection Of Other Workshop Materials and Ask Your Questions

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Dear All,

Please come along to our Final 2 Community Workshops regarding Cuckney Castle

When  -      This Sat. & Sun. 5th & 6th December

Location  -  Cuckney Village Hall

Time  -        12 noon until 4pm each day


Additionally, we will be displaying a selection of some great materials from the other workshops that have already taken place which will include old maps and photographs (incorporating the Bob Needham Welbeck & Cuckney collection).

We will also be available to discuss any recent Fieldwork findings including those relating to the search for the skeletons discovered in 1950 /51 and the possible way forward after this whole project has ended.

Coffee and biscuits will be provided free of charge.

Thanks again to the Heritage Lottery Fund for making all of this possible.

From All The Team



Our 2nd HLF Bid

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Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts recently but they have been supplanted by the need to fill in funding forms.

As you know, our 1st Heritage Lottery Fund ("HLF") bid was submitted last August and declined in October.

After much feverish activity our 2nd HLF (bigger) bid was submitted yesterday evening via the "Our Heritage" scheme, just in time for the 22nd April deadline (yes.. that's today !). Only 6,000 words are allowed (we came in at 5,998 - quite honestly !)  and this took the usual hundred hours or so to complete.

We've given this our very best shot as we've submitted a project to do an umbrella of 6 subjects about the local villages of Cuckney, Norton and Holbeck  plus the Welbeck Estate of which trying to solve the mystery of the Battle of Hatfield is just the final one (item 6).  For example, we have incorporated bringing an exciting photo collection (representing c. 1880 to 1940) to wider attention and will also investigate the origins of Cuckney Castle (which is part of Cuckney Church graveyard).

We'll also keep up a parallel search for funding as we don't want to be left depressed and with nowhere to go if we are refused. So, we've applied for a £500 grant from the RoLo Lottery and shouild know by the end of April if this has been secured. If yes, then we have the form to fill in for the BIG Warsop grant which has a lot higher ceiling (it's quite flexible I believe).

However, we must re-emphasise that a lot of thinking went into this bid and it is radically different from our 1 subject only approach last August that was too skewed towards Professional Fees. This is much more of a Community focussed bid and 159 local people have signed up to get involved, including about 70 children from 2 local schools.

We should know by mid June whether we have secured HLF funding and if we have, intend to start soon after, with the Battle of Hatfield GPR and Magnetometry due to take place last and pencilled in for October.

We really believe that 2015 MUST be the year that we start our activities. After all, we have all the permissions we require to start item 6 today and also invasive permission from the Welbeck Estates Company for non church grounds activities in Phase 2 (Invasive Church and surrounding land).

Since we're up to about 3,500 FREE hours of effort so far in the project then I think that's it's time that this much more than solid ground work was rewarded (and soon).

We've laid the foundations so let's build the house !

Let's hope our application is as persuasive.




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Dear All,

We really need to do Phase 1 (Non Invasive) work this year and all that’s stopping us now is a lack of funding – we may need £15,000 but we only have about £500.

This is what we’re doing …

1/ BIG WARSOP RoLo Community Chest – April bid for £500 then June Bid for £5,000

We have recently been encouraged by Warsop Parish Council to put in a submission to the BIG WARSOP RoLo Community Chest category for the current maximum allowable grant (£500), for consideration in April.

We’ve now done this and spoken with the council about a further bid being allowed (probably in June) for an additional £5,000.

2/ Our 2nd Heritage Lottery Bid for Phase 1

BOHIS have a meeting this Friday (20th) about how to make our 2nd (Phase 1) bid for Heritage Lottery funding (H.L.F.) a successful one. We recently distributed a questionnaire regarding preferable Community activities and all responses have now been collated.

The deadline for the H.L.F. submission is the 22nd April so we will know if we have secured their backing by the end of June.

3/ CAN YOU HELP ? – Ways to recycle your unwanted cash - Your Donations …..

Question : Look it’s like those old video cassettes that nobody wants – we all have unloved, “orphan” cash at home that just cannot be recycled any more. What to do with it ?

Answer : Please make your cheque payable to : Battle of Hatfield Investigation Society

.. then send to : Paul Jameson, 5, Packhorse Row, Norton Cuckney, Nr. Mansfield, Notts. NG20 9JY


Thanks for your concern.

All the best from Paul and Joseph


Another Phase 1 funding push is now required

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Dear All,

Our 4th meeting (12th December) was attended by about 30 people and lasted about 2.5 hours. We were able to confirm that we have virtually all non invasive permissions (bar Diocesan paperwork) and additionally have invasive permissions regarding Welbeck Estates land. Put simply, this means that only the lack of funding is now preventing Phase 1 (Non Invasive Church & surrounding land) (£10,000 is required).

If we had the funding today then we could probably start in March !

Whilst we aren't dangerously relying on 1 source of income, the Heritage Lottery fund (H.L.F.) is still a major potential provider, hence we are meeting with them (again) on the 23rd January at 2:30pm to discuss how best to re-submit our Phase 1 bid (originally turned down in late October 2014).

This will mean H.L.F. re-submission by the end of February and knowlege of the outcome by the end of April.

Since we cannot feasibly reduce our already tight archaeological cost base (G.P.R. , Magnetometer survey etc..) then it is probable that we need to increase the overall cost base via the inclusion of extra DEFINED community related costs to eliminate the current skew.

We have asked our Archaeological company's (Mercian) Education Officer to accompany us to that meeting.

Over the last week or so, we've also spoken to a local council and £5,000 has been mentioned but it may be that this is Partnership (ie. with the H.L.F.) funding. We need to tread carefully because the H.L.F. will not fund projects that have already (operationally) started.

We will also be sending out a few more well chosen speculative letters to local / possibly sympathetic organisations this month. This is something we tried about a year ago and we did come close to persuading a major food retailer to participate.

Therefore, truly alternative backer(s) are those who are willing to cover the WHOLE likely project cost (ie. Phase1 £10,000 + Phase 2 (Invasive) c. £25,000 + (possibly) Battlefield costs (another £30,000 ?)).

If anyone has any other funding ideas please drop a mail to [email protected]

We really think that it would be a shame if the project was allowed to stall and for momentum to be lost, due to lack of funding - so now is the time !

Thanks for your continued interest.

Diocese of Southwell Permissions update / latest research

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Some good news from yesterday afternoon ..

The Diocese of Southwell have confirmed receipt of the completed D.A.C. form and our supporting documents from the P.C.C. re. our request to carry out non invasive activities at St. Mary's, Cuckney.

This means that the Diocese will definitely consider our application on the 13th of October and that their decision will be forthcoming by the end of November.


Tonight, Joseph and I are interviewing a local man long associated with St. Mary's to try to pinpoint the reburial site(s) of the unearthed skeletons and ascertain whether any photographs were taken of them (besides other questions).

It seems incredible that no one would have taken the photo opportunity of a lifetime yet we have drawn a blank from various leads and subsequent investigations. After this, possibly as a last gambit, we will be placing a quarter page advertisement in the Warsop News.

We also intend to solve the mystery of the "missing" Parish register part of which relates to 1950/51, as we believe this ought to document where the bodies were reburied (and other details). However, presently, St. Mary's and Notts County Council Archives believe that the other possesses it.

If you can help us in any capacity then please get in touch via this website (choose "More" and then "Contact Us").

Permissions ... Where we're at

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Dear All,

To recap - BOHIS need 3 permissions, 1 from the Diocese of Southwell for non invasive activities at St. Mary's and a 2nd (separate one) for invasive activities. The 2nd will only be granted upon evidence of satisfactory work from the non invasive stage.

We also need a single permission (for both non invasive and invasive) from the Welbeck Estates Company Ltd.

Unfortunately, due to administrative issues, the Diocese of Southwell have had to move their potential appraisal of our request for non invasive activities at St. Mary's, Cuckney from the 8th of September to the 13th of October. Yes, even the 13th is not a guaranteed consideration date as the P.C.C. still have to get the paperwork to them. We are monitoring the situation daily to ensure achievement of the best possible result.

This means that a possible "yes" from the Diocese re. non invasive activities would not be forthcoming before the end of November.

Of course this is very disappointing news for Joseph and I (especially as we've already "invested" over 2000 unpaid hours in this project).

A little happiness payback would be most welcome.

However .... some great news ..

The Welbeck Estates Company Ltd. have now formally agreed to allow us to perform all works on land adjacent to St. Mary's. This will last until the end of 2017. Don't worry, we're not intending to use all that time up !

You should also be aware that this agreement does not extend to a search for the battlefield, (which would be covered separately, and only necessary if evidence dating to the 7th century is forthcoming).

Since we ought to know whether we have secured funding for c. £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (H.L.F.) by the end of October, and considering the Diocesan date line (above), then the very earliest we could start is the middle of December, therefore, in practice, very early 2015 (weather permitting).

The BOHIS will be holding a 4th meeting in the near future (details to follow soon).

Heritage Lottery Fund Bid for Phase 1

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After much frowning, pursing of lips and general fidgeting we have now completed our Heritage Lottery Fund ("H.L.F.") on line application for just under £10,000 (last Friday (22nd August)).

The submissions end today (27th August) and we then have to wait up to 2 months to discover if we are successful.

This is for Phase 1 of the project, which is the non invasive work at St. Mary's and some surrounding land. This will involve Ground Penetrating Radar (G.P.R.) , Magnetometer surveys etc.. partly to discover where the burial pits are and to pinpoint future invasive activities.

However, the H.L.F. process is very competitive and they have, and I quote, "hundreds" of applications to contend with (and that's probably just at the English Heritage East Midlands office !).

We did spend quite a period considering the material that would inhabit the comprehensive forms and tended to come in only about 1 word under the maximum limit for each section, although, of course, that says nothing about the quality of our submission.

The very best we can hope for is that the Diocese of Southwell approve our request for non invasive activities at St. Mary's, Cuckney on the 8th September, followed at the earliest by a mid October affirmative from the H.L.F. .

Even then, our proposed start date of 1st November 2014 is slightly ambitious. This would involve 5 days on site activities plus 3 Community days.

There will be a (4th) Society meeting before any works ensue.

Practical things are happening !

All the best and we hope to see you on site soon ...

From all the team.