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Meeting With Rupert Matthews (MEP, East Midlands) at Cuckney - Saturday 27th January

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Dear All,

The Battle of Hatfield Investigation Society are delighted to announce a meeting with Rupert Matthews (MEP, East Mids.) - at St. Mary's, Cuckney – at 10am on Saturday 27th January.

Rupert has also worked as a freelance writer and journalist and has written over 170 books – including some on history, ghosts, cryptozoology, UFOs, paranormal activity.

He has recently been in contact and is keen to learn more about our history and aims.

We are glad that he is showing such a keen interest and hope that his influence can further our cause re. Faculty Award and funding.

… On Sat. 27th January

We have arranged to gather at Cuckney Village Hall (FREE) Car Park at 10am.

The address is :

Norton Lane, Norton Cuckney, Mansfield NG20 9NQ

We would intend to “repair” (via walking) to the nearby Greendale Oak (public house) at noon for a final discussion & catch up (although I cannot guarantee that Rupert Matthews will be able to stay for that).

Hence I will book a room for us all if there is enough demand.

Therefore, if you would like to go to the Greendale at noon, can you please let me know by 4pm on Friday 19th January

via email to :

[email protected]

or via a text to 07894 297206


From All The Team

Faculty Progress Update

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Dear Supporters,

Progress Towards Our Faculty Goal

Post our A.G.M. of the 10th November, we thought it would be appropriate to let you know about our Faculty award progress.

Funding Progress .. Update

A major private company has been asked for £150,000 thanks to one of our supporters who has connections.

This is mainly for Battle of Hatfield related activities at St. Mary’s, Cuckney (£125k) but also for further work at St. Edwin’s Chapel, Edwinstowe (£25k).

Although the original decision was due at the end of September, we still await an answer.

We really hope to have a Yes / No by Christmas.

Faculty Request … Update

It was great news when the P.C.C. (Parochial Church Council at St. Mary’s,Cuckney) backed an excavation and formally submitted a Faculty Request to the Diocese on the 17th September.

This was supporting excavation of our “Preference 1” (the large pit (by area) in the Eastern Central area of St. Mary’s.

The Diocese then requested crucial supplementary documents relating to proposed working methods.

BOHIS are required to provide :

“A clear project strategy. I would, at the very least, expect to see a properly constructed ‘Written Scheme of Investigation’ (WSI), which Historic England, if consulted, would also require before commenting further. We need a professional specification, site plan, contractor details, supervisory roles, timetable, methodology, sampling strategy, post-excavation scheme including analysis, and deposition statement.”

So in late October we commercially engaged Malin Holst & Tim Sutherland (from York University) to provide the supplementary documents as Jo. Buckberry’s calendar did not allow for her participation.

Initial Advice from Malin Holst

Initially excavate 1 (2 by 2m) test pit (a quarter of the area of Preference 1)

Briefly examine all the bones & pick 2 having trauma damage & send those for analysis

If no trauma damage, then to send 2 bones off anyway for dating

Malin & Tim cannot provide the supplementary information for either of the Diocesan meetings left in 2017 (November 13th & 11th December).

BOHIS have asked them to provide this by Jan. 5th 2018 in order to be assessed by the Diocese on Monday 15th Jan. 2018.

Further Issues

Malin Holst has also indicated that before she commences work upon the supplementary information that she would like the Diocese to comment upon the likelihood of a Faculty being issued. BOHIS do not really agree with this approach as we believe that a formal faculty approach is the best way of judging all of the evidence together and reaching the best, informed conclusion.

However, BOHIS sent a request to the Diocese on Monday 20th November, asking the question.

An Article That May Help us Gain the Faculty

Thanks to his relative Mrs Joyce Tinker, we recently became aware of an article by Philip Ward, one of the workmen employed at St. Mary’s in 1950/1.

This was originally published in the Welbeck Newsletter (Summer 1999).

We hope to provide this and a general letter detailing all of the evidence that might lead us to conclude that the Cuckney area does represent the site of the battle and that an excavation is likely provide compelling evidence – as an addendum to the Supplementary Information.

Part of that persuasion will be ethical considerations.

We believe that the article shows a lack of care regarding the reburial of a ‘Titled Lady’ in the same 1950/1 operations and displays other attitudes that might lead one to believe that the 200 or so skeletons discovered would have been treated in the same manner, necessitating a final reburial with dignity after excavation.


From All The Team

REMINDER : Meeting & A.G.M. this Friday 10th November

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Dear Supporters,

Just a reminder that our next meeting (and A.G.M.) is this Friday 10th November.

The venue is Cuckney Village Hall (car parking and meeting entry is free)

Meeting time is 7:30pm

For full Agenda please see post below.


Paul Jameson

Progress Update

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Dear All,

As told to our meeting on May 19th, having received initial support from the PCC on Feb . 21st for an application for a Faculty to the Diocese for a 1 pit analysis, we were then dismayed in March to be turned down for HLF funding re. invasive skeletal examinations at St. Mary’s, Cuckney.

However, we promised (and were encouraged by the HLF) to submit another bid to the HLF by 21st June but this has now slipped to 21st August but is guaranteed to happen by then !

It will be for c. £60,000.

The components of this will be :-

• Cuckney Castle (invasive work – trial trenches)

• Norton & Carburton POW Camps – including on site work

• Selected fields on the other side of the River Poulter

Supported by :

• Terrain analysis


As a necessary prelude to the new bid, having had our initial Project Enquiry (1,000 word web form) accepted, Jennie & I are attending an HLF “Small Grants Workshop” on Friday 14th July.

This will then immediately enable us to start filling in the 6,000 word “Our Heritage” Grant form.

We should then find out in about 6 weeks (early October) whether this has been successful.

Due to the planning that will then need to take place (competitive tendering etc..) & with winter approaching it may be Mar 18 before this work takes place.

It’s worth reflecting that the LIDAR will be a useful tool in pinpointing elements that could also have ramifications for the Battle of Hatfield related topics.

In parallel, we have submitted a professional private funding bid for £150,000 to a local company, who have already reviewed this.

It has not been turned down.

However, they will not be in a position to give a definitive answer until approximately the end of August 2017.

This would be to cover invasive work (ie. digging) at St. Mary’s re. skeletons that may be from the Battle of Hatfield (if we have been awarded the faculty).

It is also for invasive work at St. Edwin’s Chapel (that may have been the temporary resting place of Edwin’s (headless) body from c. 632AD to a max. of c. 715 AD).

It would be marvellous if this was in the affirmative and we hope it would enable the PCC Faculty Request to be made soon afterwards.

Your suggestions are also very welcome.


Paul Jameson

Meeting REMINDER and airing of our interview with Mansfield Radio 103.2 FM

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Dear All,

You may remember that we had an interview with Mansfield Radio 103.2 FM at the Greendale Oak (attended by 9 supporters / contributors) on the 30th January.

It has now been confirmed by Craig Priest, PRODUCER - MANSFIELD 103.2 that :

“Providing nothing big happens nationally to change plans - the show will air on Thursday 25th May 6 - 7 PM”

Also, I'd like to remind you that we have a meeting at 7:30pm this Friday (19th) at Cuckney Village Hall (free admission).

Please come along and support the project.


From All The Team

9th Meeting 19th May Agenda

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BOHIS talk at Elmton with Creswell Local History Group tomorrow night at 7pm

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Dear All,

Apologies for the very short notice, but if you would like to attend a talk at Elmton with Creswell Local History Group tomorrow, then here are the details.

This will include the very latest on the Battle of Hatfield Investigation’s Society’s quest to resolve the mystery of the skeletons discovered in 1950/1 at St Mary’s Cuckney.

The talk itself will last just over an hour and there will then be time for immediate questions & follow ups over tea or coffee.


Paul Jameson

Details :

When : Thursday April 6th from 7- 9pm

Where : In the Cavendish Room in the Social Centre in Creswell

Directions : The Social Centre is on Elmton Road in Creswell and if you come off the main Sheffield to Mansfield Road, turn into Elmton Road, continue straight forward until you have driven under the railway bridge, passed the Junior School on your left, then the Social Centre is the next building. Pass by the front of the Centre, take the first turn left onto Pit Lane then a few yards on the left turn in and this will bring you into a large car park behind the building.

Entry Fee : is £2.50 for the evening and 50p for a coffee or tea - pay on the night.

Sat. 1st April - Meeting With Hunter Archaeological Society at St. Marys Cuckney at 11am

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Dear All,

We are meeting c. 11 members of the (Sheffield based) Hunter Archaeological Society at St. Mary’s Cuckney at 11am this Saturday 1st April.


We will be having a walk and talk at St. Mary’s and then “repairing” to the Greendale Oak for lunch and further questions.


All are welcome to join us but I would be grateful if you could let me know via an email to :

[email protected]

by 3pm on 29th March if you are attending and whether I should include you in the table reservation numbers (if having food).






Good News .. Bad News ... The Way Forward

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Dear All,


Sorry for not reporting back earlier but an awful amount of work and subsequent deliberations have been taking place over the last few weeks.


Firstly the good news … The P.C.C. will support a Diocesan Faculty approach


As previously alerted, we duly met the P.C.C. (Parochial Church Council) on the 20th February with a view to obtaining their support for invasive analysis of 2 of our Community vote adopted preferences.

As a reminder :


Where PREFERENCE 1 = (External Feature 1) - NE Modern Graveyard Large Reinterment feature

Where PREFERENCE 2 = (External Feature 2) - Immediately external to Nave - Non Reinterments



Where PREFERENCE 1 = (External Feature 1) - NE Modern Graveyard Large Reinterment feature

Where PREFERENCE 3 = (External Feature 5) - in Line with West Tower nr. Northern Boundary Reinterments (“small depression")



As promised, the P.C.C. communicated next day that they would support an invasive bid but only initially for our Preference 1 (the large feature in the central portion of the modern graveyard).

However they also stated that they had not ruled out any of our other preferences.

Whilst this is great news, our enthusiasm was tempered slightly by concern that the evidence from Preference 1 might not be enough to achieve a statistically significant result (& hence be inconclusive).

A certain critical volume of uncorrupted skeletal analysis (bones & teeth) needs to be available in order to ensure confidence in the findings.

Hence we are seeking advice as to whether a single target will be sufficient to excite funding.



Secondly .. the Bad News … Funding

We met the H.L.F. on the 3rd March, where they declined to support an invasive bid re. the features discovered at St. Mary’s.

The skeletal analysis is likely to cost upwards of £50,000 and they do not believe that high cost archaeological projects represent value re. “Community outcomes”.



Towards an Amended HLF Bid … (by 21st May 2017) ?


The HLF have now suggested that we put together a revised bid (without skeletal excavations).

Whilst they made no firm suggestions, we are querying the need for Terrain analysis (as part of a revised HLF bid) as a necessary precursor of AHRC (Arts & Humanities Research Council) excavative work.

We appreciate that if Terrain analysis were to include test pits then that might enable us to find elements from the battlefield that would better excite AHRC funding.


However we have 2 concerns :


1/ The difficulties of determining an Anglo-Saxon battlefield location

2/ In not involving experts (such as Dr. Glenn Foard) in that HLF funded terrain analysis, that we might not achieve the optimal battlefield result (and that it would be better considered lastly, separately, after the AHRC analysis)



A new HLF Project Enquiry / bid may therefore cover :-

• Cuckney Castle (invasive) (part of our recently rejected project enquiry)

• St. Edwin’s Chapel , Edwinstowe (invasive) – as a substitute for anomalies excavation

• Norton & Carburton P.O.W. Camps (research) (part of our recently rejected project enquiry)


• Terrain Analysis ? (invasive) ? (NOT part of our recently rejected project enquiry)



Whilst we would be minded to accept expert advice re. Terrain analysis the question needs to be asked, “If we are not invasively searching for the battlefield (via terrain analysis) – then why will that analysis produce compelling evidence that will ensure the AHRC supply the funding re. the anomalies ?”

Although ambitious, we may be able to put in a HLF funding bid by 21st May and receive notification of success (or otherwise !) by early July.



Summary of Proposed new HLF Bid Options

Option 1 – With Terrain Analysis

Option 2 – Without Terrain Analysis


If Option 1 is appropriate then we will expect deliverables from the terrain analysis to excite a discreet (but later) AHRC funded anomalies analysis.

If Option 2 is preferred then we will seek help / advice to enable an AHRC funded pit analysis as a parallel work stream to the HLF project.



Obtaining Funding From A Different Source – the A.H.R.C. ?

We are about to ask for advice on obtaining alternative funding via an A.H.R.C. grant (for a University led project for this element of the project).


There is now a further issue re. Faculty Timing – If we were awarded a faculty, (then as this is strictly awarded for 1 year) - we would not wish this to lapse due to funding unavailability.





Having worked very hard for 4 years you may be assured that we remain fully committed to obtaining a timely resolution to this exciting project.


Many thanks to the 53 people who attended our talk at Worksop library on Wednesday (15th March).





From All The Team